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Public Event Application - Park Rental/Road Closure

  1. Is this for an organization that is governmental, quasi-governmental, religious, charitable, fraternal, or non-profit, and are you requesting to reduce/waive park use fees?*

  2. If yes, please submit a fee waiver application form along with this completed application.

  3. Attach map with proposed route.

  4. Will there be animals or vehicles in the event?*

  5. Will the event require reserved parking spaces?*

  6. Will there be portable restrooms?*

  7. Will medical/first aid coverage be provided?*

  8. Is electricity or water required?*

  9. Will alcohol be served?*

  10. Liquor Permit must be filed with the City Clerk. Approval is required before event. If permit is obtained, it must be in applicant’s name.

  11. Will food be served?*

    The City requires food temporary establishment licenses as well as current health inspections and liability insurance certificates for food vendors. All food served to the public must be prepared in accordance with the El Paso County Department of Health and Environment. The Health Department’s phone number is 719-578-3199.

  12. Will anything be sold at the event?*

    If yes, a vendor permit required ($11 per permit must be paid for 10 days before event).

  13. Will there be an admission, entrance, participant or user fee; a cover charge or door charge; or a fee for scenic or amusement rides for the event?*

  14. Will promotional materials be used? *

    The City Event Coordinator must approve materials.

  15. Will you be hanging a banner?*

  16. Fill out and submit a Banner Request Form.

  17. Important Notes

    A 5% city excise tax must be paid on any of these charges unless proof is filed with the city tax exemption as a governmental, quasi-governmental, religious, charitable, or graternal organizations. Fee waivers and grant applications filled out separately.

    All special events are submitted to Event Review and Imact Group (ERIG) review and approval. Meetings occur the first Thursday of every month and a representative from your event must attend when asked by the event coordinator. City departments will determine service conditions and their respective costs, the city reserves the right to add additional charges incured during the event.

    Please note that events requiring road closures will need to hire their own traffic control company. A representative from this company will need to attend at least one ERIG meeting.

  18. Applicant’s Indemnity & Waiver*

    By signing, the signed and the Event agree that all parties have read and agree to the terms, policies, and ordinances of the City of Manitou Springs and applicable Event Policies. The applicant, in exchange for issuance of the special event permit, agrees to reimburse the City for any costs incurred by the City in repairing damages to public property caused by the sponsors of the special event or the participants in the event, or by actions that the sponsors directed, authorized, or ratified, and also agreeing to defend the City against, and indemnify and hold the City harmless from, any liability to any person or property that arise from or are related to the special event.

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