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Park Rental Private Event Application

  1. Will food be served?*

    Please note that alcohol is not allowed in parks for private events.

  2. Applicant’s Indemnity & Waiver*

    In consideration of the City of Manitou Springs granting to the applicant permission to use certain City facilities as per the application, the applicant hereby indemnifies the City and agrees to hold the City harmless from all liability, claim or demand for any damage, injury or other loss arising from the Applicant’s use of said facilities, and the Applicant will defend the City against any and all such claims and demands and will pay any and all judgments rendered in favor of any such claimants.

    The Applicant further acknowledges that the Applicant has assumed the risk of any and all damage, injury or other loss arising from the Applicant’s use of said City facilities, and the applicant hereby waives and relinquishes any and all claims for any such damage, injury or loss.

    The Applicant will, at the Applicant’s cost, furnish such liability insurance as may be required or requested by the City, in advance of the time of the scheduled use of said City facilities. Such insurance shall either name the City as the primary insurance or as an additional named insured.

    The Applicant has read and understands the Ordinance as outlined in the Municipal code regarding Noise Nuisance and acknowledges that the Applicant will be held responsible for any violations. 6.08.020-Unnecessary sound prohibited.

    By signing, the signed and the Event agree that all parties have read and agree to the terms, policies, and ordinances of the City of Manitou Springs and applicable Event Policies. The applicant, in exchange for issuance of the special event permit, agrees to reimburse the City for any costs incurred by the City in repairing damages to public property caused by the sponsors of the special event or the participants in the event, or by actions that the sponsors directed, authorized, or ratified, and also agreeing to defend the City against, and indemnify and hold the City harmless from, any liability to any person or property that arise from or are related to the special event.

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