What do I need to know about performing work in the City’s Local Historic Districts?

There are several things to keep in mind when working in the City’s Local Historic Districts. The Historic Preservation Commission has purview over exterior alterations to properties which are visible from public right of ways and located within the Local Historic Districts. View the Map of Historic Districts (PDF) or Historic Sub-Districts Web Map Application. This means that in order to perform the work, the contractor/property owner must seek the approval of that Commission in a Public Hearing prior to starting construction, if the proposed work is visible from the street. This process is called a Material Change of Appearance Certification and is typically a one to two (1 - 2) month process. 

There is also the possibility that the work may be administratively approved by Planning Staff, and that Historic Preservation Commission approval is not required. However, this only applies if there is no expansion of the structure/feature, it is compatible/consistent with the Historic Design Guidelines(PDF), the work replaces like material with like material (same material, type, and color – or as close to matching as possible) as part of maintenance, and/or for certain re-roofing jobs depending on the proposed material type and color (see Question 8). 

Any new construction/additions will require the approval of the Historic Preservation Commission and cannot be approved administratively. The Planning Department reserves the right to refer any request in the Local Historic Districts to the Historic Preservation Commission for final decisions, should they deem it appropriate.     

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