Protecting Our Waterways

Chemical Disposal for Clean Waterways

In an earnest effort to protect water quality and aquatic life, Manitou Springs adopts a diligent approach to chemical disposal. Before disposing of pool chemicals, the City takes the responsible step of neutralizing substances like muriatic acid with baking soda. This practice ensures that harmful chemicals do not find their way into waterways, safeguarding the health and integrity of local ecosystems.

Dog Waste Management

Recognizing the impact of pet waste on the health of Fountain Creek and the surrounding environment, the City of Manitou Springs takes proactive measures to address this issue. To promote responsible pet ownership, dog waste containers and baggies are made available for free in all parks. This convenient provision encourages pet owners to properly dispose of their pets' waste, preventing contamination of the creek and ensuring a cleaner, healthier watershed forIMG_0128 all. In 2023, the City upgraded these dog waste stations to be equipped with more eco-friendly bags.

MS4 Permit

Municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) permits are issued for discharges of urban stormwater into streams, rivers, and lakes. This permitting process helps keep state waters clean enough to support recreational use and aquatic life. The City of Manitou Springs holds a General MS4 Permit through the State of Colorado.

Partnerships and Cleanup Events

The City of Manitou Springs collaborates with various organizations and stakeholders to host annual events focused on creek cleanup. Notable initiatives include Creek Week, the Great American Cleanup, and other cleanup events that unite the community in a shared mission to restore and protect Fountain Creek. These events raise awareness about the importance of maintaining a clean watershed while fostering a sense of civic responsibility and environmental stewardship among residents.

Regular Patrols and Cleanup

Manitou Springs prioritizes the cleanliness of Fountain Creek by conducting regular patrols dedicated to trash cleanup along its banks. City personnel diligently monitor the area, collecting and properly disposing of any debris or waste encountered. Through these proactive measures, Manitou Springs actively contributes to the preservation of the creek's natural beauty and ensures a healthy habitat for aquatic life and wildlife.