Monitoring, Amendments, & Updates

Plan Manitou is intended to be a living document. Progress that is made toward achieving the community’s visions and goals must be monitored, and periodic updates will be necessary to keep Plan Manitou relevant as new issues and opportunities emerge; actions are completed; and priorities shift.

Minor Amendments

Minor amendments may be proposed to the Plan for targeted text or map revisions that do not significantly affect other plan goals or policies. Minor amendments may be initiated by the public as a stand-alone text or map amendment, or in conjunction with a rezoning application. The Planning Department may also initiate a minor amendment after consultation with the Citizens Advisory Committee or Hazard Mitigation Planning Team, who may be convened by the Planning Department, as needed. Minor amendments can also include updates to the Action Plan to reflect completed actions. Planning Department staff should evaluate and report on the need for minor amendments at least every two years.

When considering a Minor Amendment, the following criteria should be evaluated:

  • The proposed amendment is consistent with the overall intent of Plan Manitou;
  • The proposed amendment is compatible with the surrounding area (when amending the Future Land Use Plan) and/or the visions, goals, and policies of Plan Manitou;
  • Strict adherence to the current goals and policies of Plan Manitou would result in a situation neither intended by nor in keeping with other visions, goals, and policies of the Plan;
  • The proposed amendment will not have a negative effect on adjacent properties, or on transportation services and facilities;
  • The proposed amendment will have minimal effect on service provision and/or is compatible with existing and planned service provision and future development of the area; and
  • The proposed amendment will not cause detriment to the public health, safety, and general welfare of the people of the City.

A Comprehensive Master Plan Minor Amendment application and schedule of submittal and hearing dates for publicly initiated minor amendments should be prepared and posted.

Planning staff shall evaluate and report on whether a major update to the Plan is needed every five years, at a minimum, to ensure the Plan remains current and continues to meet the community’s needs. The Hazard Mitigation Plan component must be updated and resubmitted to the State of Colorado and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) within five years of initial FEMA approval of the plan to maintain eligibility for FEMA mitigation grant programs. A Major Update may be triggered by the need to:

  • Update key data points and evaluate trends related to demographics, housing, economic development, growth and reinvestment activity, risk reduction, and other influencing factors;
  • Affirm community values and adjust the visions, goals, and policies contained in individual elements of the Plan as necessary; and/or
  • Evaluate community needs and the prioritization of resources following a disaster declaration.

A Major Update should include opportunities for involvement by the public, City staff, elected and appointed officials, and other affected interests. It should also include an updated or new Community Profile and Risk Assessment, an updated list of near-term actions (within the Action Plan), and a review of visions, goals, and policies.