-Ruxton Corridor Infrastructure Improvement

Important Information

The March 25 Community Meeting is NOT sponsored or facilitated by the City.

The City has been made aware of a community meeting on March 25th, publicized as a "Ruxton Ave. Construction Community Meeting". We want to ensure that our community knows that this is not a City sponsored event.

The City considers public engagement a pillar of our community, and has committed that a Construction Impacts Community Meeting will be held before any construction starts. The Ruxton project is still in the design phase, therefore making conversation on construction and traffic impacts premature, as we must have a design before we fully know what these impacts will be.

We understand that this project is worrisome for many individuals who live in the Ruxton Corridor, and that the traffic impacts are of major concern. It is our responsibility to hold community meetings when we are prepared to incorporate your feedback and answer your questions. Please monitor the City Calendar and/or this page for information on when the City sponsored community meeting is announced.

What We Heard From the Community

On February 2, 2023 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at City Hall, City Staff and the engineering consultant used for this project presented the most recent design. The design was created using the Ruxton Avenue Use and Impact Study and the Ruxton Functionality Study. Now that the design had become more detailed and robust, the City asked the community for feedback on various aspects of it.

We have compiled this feedback, and published it here:

Ruxton Corridor Infrastructure Improvement Project Design Feedback

The Ruxton Corridor Project is a long awaited project that was created through the findings and community engagement of the Ruxton Functionality Study. This project will enhance the corridor by improving the sidewalks, maintaining on-street parking for residents, maintaining two travel lanes and, most importantly, undergrounding overhead utility lines and improving water and sanitary infrastructure.

JR Engineering was selected as the design consultant and has several sub-contractors working on various tasks of the project.  Because of the narrow corridor and old infrastructure, a great deal of effort and subsurface engineering has already been completed.  The utility consultant, SurvWest, is the consultant leading the utilities mapping effort.

During discussions with Colorado Springs Utilities, they mentioned that they wanted to inspect their two raw water lines to see if they needed any work so that their maintenance efforts could be coordinated with our project.  This is in agreement with the City’s ‘dig once’ policy.  In an effort to speed up Springs Utilities’ investigation and design efforts, they also hired JR Engineering to design the water line improvements.  This benefits everyone involved as there will be one design Project Manager who will coordinate all of the design efforts and elements.  With Springs Utilities’ raw water lines now involved, the project increased in complexity.  Springs Utilities is also paying their share of the design fees and construction costs as well.  

Although details are still being developed, the project team is working to begin construction on Phase 1 of the Ruxton Corridor, Hydro Street to Winters, in late 2023 and into early 2024.  Due to the high volume of traffic on the corridor, construction related traffic impacts aren’t anticipated during the summer season.  The project is planning to only do as much work that can be started and completed in the November – April time frame.  Additional phases are still being developed, but are tentatively provided on the construction phase map.    


The project is 82% federally funded through the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments with the City providing the 18% local match.

A timeline of the Ruxton project.

Manitou Springs - Ruxton Avenue Path to Design & Construction (PDF)

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