Manitou Springs Citizens Academy

The Manitou Springs Citizens Academy is a free opportunity for community members to get involved with, and learn hands-on what exactly the City of Manitou Springs does. In each class, City staff and/or elected officials will provide an in-depth look at how our local government functions! Participants will go on facility tours, perform interactive activities, learn all about how different departments operate, and get face to face time with department directors.

Have you ever asked yourself...

  • How does Manitou Springs' government work?
  • What are all the functions of Manitou Springs City Government?
  • Where does our water come from? How does it get here? And where does it go?!
  • How is the City budget created?
  • Who fixes the potholes? When do my streets get plowed?
  • What can I do to get involved?

At Manitou Springs' Citizens Academy, you'll get answers to all of those questions...and more!

A tree with the words "beneath the surface" intertwined in the roots

  1. Lesa Fisher

    Executive Assistant to the City Administrator

All 2023 Citizens Academy participants standing outside of City Hall with matching t-shirts.

The 20 participants for the Manitou Springs Citizens Academy are Steve Czarnecki, Bruce Eagan, Douglass Edmundson, Mark Lee, Colleen Lopp, Anthony Mogck, David Monson, Susan Presti, Maddy Schmid, Chris Sukach, Michael Sukach, Stephen Williams, Tammila Wright, Sally FitzGerald, Debbie Jackson, Morgan Stone, Hailey Wilson, Jerry Preiss, Carey Storm, and Erick Wright!


The Citizens Academy is open to everyone 16 years of age or older. Applicants must be able to attend all sessions.



Link to Slideshow Presentation
Local Government 101Monday, April 105:30PM - 8:30PMMemorial Hall(PDF)
Budget & FinanceMonday, April 175:30PM - 8:30PMMemorial Hall
Police & FireMonday, April 245:30PM - 8:30PMFire Department
Planning & ZoningMonday, May 15:30PM - 8:30PMFire Department
Mobility & ParkingMonday, May 85:30PM - 8:30PMMemorial Hall
Water/StormwaterMonday, May 155:30PM - 8:30PMMemorial Hall & Water Treatment Plant Tour
Public WorksMonday, May 225:30PM - 8:30PMMemorial Hall & Public Works Tour
Parks and RecreationWednesday, May 315:30PM - 8:30PMAquatics Center
Graduation CeremonyMonday, June 55:30PM - 7:30PMMemorial Hall


Each of the Citizens Academy sessions has been designed to provide a solid learning opportunity within the timeframe allotted. All sessions will begin and end on time.

Because of the limited number of slots available for participants, attendance at all sessions is required, unless extenuating circumstances arise. Should something come up, please email Lesa Fisher to let us know.

Please be respectful of other participants’ time by arriving on time.

Participants will be expected to take a short survey after each session to provide feedback.

We expect all participants to engage with each other respectfully at all times.

Because of the wealth of information provided throughout the Academy, it will be imperative that we all stay on task. Your assistance in helping to keep the sessions focused is much appreciated. Have fun, and enjoy this experience!