Pool & Fitness Center Feasibility Study


View the final Pool & Fitness Center Feasibility Study here! 


In 2022, we launched a Feasibility Study for the Pool and Fitness Center to identify the long term vision for recreation in Manitou Springs and to assess the existing facility and determine and plan for what immediate needs and upgrades need to be addressed. This study will assessed the needs of the service area for the Pool & Fitness Center and determined what response is needed to improve the critical unmet offerings. 

This Study is a three phase approach:

Phase 1: Market Analysis

Phase 1 is to develop the service area and understand who the patrons of the Pool and Fitness Center are: where they come from, their demographics, how long they have been a patron, etc. This phase also assess existing programs within our service area and uses community input via public meetings and surveys to help guide this phase.

Phase 2: Program Development

Phase 2 determines the recommendations for the Center's programs. This involves the completion of a site analysis, phasing options, capital improvement plan priorities, and a determination for the best way to use the space we already have.

Phase 3: Operational Analysis / Final Report

Phase 3 is a full analysis of the Pool's operating structure, fee structure, attendance estimates, anticipated cost recovery, funding options, and hypothetical site land use requirements. All of this information, as well as the information from Phases 1 & 2 are compiled in a final report, which is presented to City Council. This report will be posted to this webpage when it is finished.

To view a more in-depth timeline, please view the Pool and Fitness Center Feasibility Study Timeline.