Parking Reservation Program


Beginning on May 1, 2023, we will be restarting our Parking Reservations Program. This will allow our visitors the opportunity to reserve a parking space in the Hiawatha Gardens parking lot.

  • 30 spots are available for reservation
  • You can reserve an (available) spot minutes before arrival
    • No long-term planning required!honk Opens in new window
  • Reservations are from 6AM-6PM
  • No oversized vehicles
  • No carpool discounts applicable
  • Cancel up to 6 hours before your reservation for a full refund.
  • You MUST check in with the on-site attendant.
  • Are you using a rental car?
    • Just enter "rental" as your license plate, and once you know your plate you can edit your reservation to match the plate of your rental vehicle!
3 Hours$16
5 Hours$25
All Day$50

To place a reservation, please visit our reservation landing page!