Business Pass Card Program

Regular visitors of Manitou Springs may be interested in applying for a Business Pass Card. This allows the user to receive discounted parking rates, that can be purchased in 10-hour increments.

This is a great way to shop small, and pay less while supporting our amazing local businesses. 

10 Hours$15.00
20 Hours$30.00
30 Hours$45.00
40 Hours$60.00
50 Hours$75.00

How to Apply

  • To apply for a Business Pass Card, please fill out our Parking Permit Request Form. Please note, this program requires:
    • A valid driver’s license with current address.
    • A valid vehicle registration.
  • After the form is submitted, we will either take your payment over the phone or in-person at our Parking Offices. After payment is cleared, your vehicle information will be loaded into our internal system which will track your hourly usage.
    • This information is also tracked by our text to park system, and our parking kiosks.

How to Use the Pass CardMy Post (26)

  • Pull into any public parking lot or standard parking space.
  • Approach the closest parking kiosk
  • Enter your license plate number
  • The parking kiosk will recognize you as a member of the Pass Card Program
  • Select your desired length of parking!