Lost and Found

This is a page with a database of all of the lost and found items turned into the police department. After 90 days, these items are destroyed. If you believe one of these items are yours, please contact the Police Department.

ItemDate FoundTime FoundLocation
Wallet, vehicle keyfob, & keyFebruary 21, 20229:00 AMTurned into PD
Credit Card - Owner, Irma DominguezMarch 18, 2022n/aFound in a parking Kiosk
Credit Card - Owner Aaron RichardMarch 23, 2022n/aFound in a parking Kiosk
Credit Card - Owner Jesus SenaMarch 27, 2022n/an/a
Purse w/ contents - Owner Ivy Roberts
April 2, 2022n/aDowntown Area
Credit Card - Owner John JohnsonApril 2, 2022n/aDowntown parking kiosk
Credit Card - Chris J. OdubhraicApril 5, 2022n/aDowntown parking kiosk
Samsung CellphoneApril 5, 2022n/aIncline
Car Key on LanyardApril 6, 2022n/aDelivered to PD
Purse w/ mixed contentsApril 7, 2022n/aDelivered to PD 
Credit Card - owner David WrightsonApril 11, 2022n/aDelivered to PD
Drivers License - Alicia FaulisiApril 11, 2022n/aDelivered to PD
Drivers License - Delaini, HarleyApril 11, 2022n/aDelivered to PD
CU Boulder Student ID - Valeria MarinoApril 12, 2022n/aDelivered to PD
Military Dependent ID - Penny McCannApril 25, 2022n/aDelivered to PD
Wedding BandApril 26, 2022n/aDelivered to PD
Cred Card - Owner Julie HinesMay 2, 2022n/aDelivered to PD
3 IDs and 2 Credit Cards - Owner Alyx KerrMay 4, 2022n/aDelivered to PD
Multiple ringsMay 12, 2022n/aFound outside City Hall bathroom
Set of 2 keysMay 16, 2022n/aDelivered to PD
Credit car - owner Zayne LutackMay 19, 20223:00PMParking Kiosk
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