Construction Updates

This page is edited once a week with updates regarding major ongoing construction projects in Manitou Springs. For small-scale construction updates, please visit our news/press releases page. For detailed information about the planning, design, engineering, and community engagement of many construction projects, please visit our projects and initiatives page.

City of Manitou Springs Projects

Clarksley Road: Water and Sewer Infrastructure Replacement

Overview: The water and sewer infrastructure on Clarksley Road, and some surrounding roadways, will be fully replaced and improved.

As of July 2021, the Clarksley Project is complete!

Manitou Avenue from Park Avenue to Serpentine Drive (MAPS)

Overview: Left turns lanes, ADA sidewalks, underground utilities infrastructure, ADA ramps, improved roadways, and much more are coming to the western area of Manitou Avenue. More information is available here.

What has happened: Utility duct banks and storm drainage utilities have been installed for almost all of the of the affected area of Manitou Avenue.

What is happening: Currently the MAPS project is making great headway! The curbs, gutters, roadways, and sidewalks are all being reconstructed for the eastbound section of Manitou Avenue. 

What to expect: The traffic will shift onto the new roadway, and the same process will be completed for the westbound section of Manitou Avenue.

Tentative Completion: Late September, 2021

Beckers Lane: Bridge Replacement and Utilities Installation

Overview: ADA sidewalks, utilities infrastructure, a bridge replacement, friendly lighting, pollinator friendly landscaping, and much more are coming to Beckers Lane. More information is available here.

What is happening: Work is wrapping up on this undertaking, designed to improve safety by adding sidewalks and lighting. The asphalt is ready for striping, and the bridge is awaiting the installation of its rails.

What to expect: The road will tentatively be open by the end of August. Landscaping and other minor work in the area will continue for a short period afterwards.

Tentative Completion: Roadway open in August, landscaping and minor work to continue for a few weeks afterwards.

Soda Springs Park

Overview: Soda Springs Park is getting an upgrade! New sidewalks, playground equipment, irrigation systems, sod, and landscaping are going to be installed.

What is happening: An installation of sod, rockwalls, playground equipment, irrigation systems, and sidewalks. Traffic impacts will be via a loss of parking spaces and construction deliveries in the area. 

What to expect: Final concrete work to be completed and landscaping to begin the week of August 9th.

Tentative Completion: Early September 2021

Colorado Springs Utilities Projects

Mesa to Manitou

Overview: A gas line replacement on Manitou Avenue.

What has happened: More than 1500 linear feet of gas main infrastructure has been installed.

What is happening: Gasline will continue to be installed on Manitou Avenue, until its intersection with Beckers Lane.

What to expect: Minor traffic impacts, such as left turn lane restrictions.

Tentative Completion: Early 2022

Park Avenue, Canon Avenue, and Lovers Lane

Overview: Gas line improvements on Park Avenue, Canon Avenue, and Lovers Lane. Some gas meters may also be replaced.

What is happening: Construction activities are halted for the Summer, and are expected to resume in the October 2021 timeframe.

What to expect: Construction activities to resume towards the last quarter of the year.

Tentative Completion: Early 2022

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soda springs
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