October 2020 Press Releases

  1. Final Update - Water Leak Detection Near Via Linda Vista 10.30
  2. Water Leak Detection Near Via Linda Vista (10/30)
  3. Final Update Emergency Water Main Repair in the Midland and Ruxton Area (10/27)
  4. UPDATE 2.0: Emergency Water Main Repair Near Midland and Ruxton (10/27) 
  5. UPDATE: Emergency Water Main Repair Near Midland and Ruxton (10/27)
  6. Emergency Water Main Repair in the Midland and Ruxton Area (10/26)
  7. Community Budget Meeting Cancelled (10/21)
  8. Emergency Water Main Repair in Between 141 and 147 Manitou Avenue (10/19)
  9. Emergency Water Main Repair Near 400 Block of Crystal Hills Blvd (10/17)
  10. Utility Survey on Beckers Lane (10/14)
  11. Gas Main Installation Near 201 Crystal Park Road (10/13)
  12. Power Outage (10/9)
  13. Fiscally Responsible, Productive, and Safety Oriented: Colorado Springs Utilities to Install New Gas Main on Manitou Avenue from its Intersection with Pawnee & El Paso (10/8)
  14. City Hall Visitor Parking Closure on 10/6 (10/5)

Incline Fire Updates:

10/11 Approx 8:10 PM

The Incline Fire is now at 100% containment despite the high winds and red flag warnings. Today, crews analyzed the fire through thermal imaging and physically feeling for hot spots. The crews reported no pockets of heat. Resulting from this great announcement will be an opening of Barr Lot, Barr Trail, and the Incline beginning tomorrow (10/12).

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our regional partners who dedicated personnel and resources to assist with the fire effort. Entities involved include the Manitou Springs Fire Department, Manitou Springs Police Department, Monument Police Department, Colorado Springs Fire Department, USDA Forest Service, Colorado Department of Fire Prevention and Control, El Paso County Wildland, and the El Paso County Sherriff’s Office. Thank you all, for everything that you do.

10/10 Approx 5:45 PM
Due to the hard work of crews today, the containment for the Incline Fire has been increased to 80%. Fire crews had another good day today, having done a great deal of work securing more of the fireline and mopping up hotspots. The firelines were tested today by the red flag conditions and all lines held. The size of the Incline Fire remains 1 acre. 
Crews will be hiking off of the fire later this evening and will be up again tomorrow morning to continue their suppression work. We would like to remind the public to continue to avoid the area, and that the Incline, Barr trail and the Barr Parking Lot will remain closed until further notice.

10/10 Approx. 10:00 AM
Fire crews hiked into the fire early this morning to continue suppression operations. Firefighters report this morning that the fire is looking really good. The fire remains in its current footprint and remains 1 acre. There were a few areas in the interior of the fire where the fire continues to smolder. A red flag warning is in effect today for warm, dry and windy weather. 

Today, firefighters will continue to reinforce the existing firelines and mop up hotspots that remain within the fire area utilizing water that is being pumped up to the fire from Ruxton Creek. The Manitou Incline, Barr Trail and the Barr parking lot will remain closed until further notice.

10/9 Approx. 9:52 PM
The Incline Fire is now approximately 60% contained due to the dedication and effort of all firefighters involved. Ruxton Avenue is now open to traffic, but the Manitou Incline, Barr Trail, and the Barr Lot will remain closed due to the fire still being active and firefighting traffic in the area. The pre-evacuation notices given to the 500-600 Block of Ruxton, Fairview, and upper Crystal Park have been lifted. Please continue to avoid this area and allow all of the amazing firefighters involved to continue to attend this fire.

We will continue to provide updates whenever additional information is available.

10/9 Approx 3:44 PM

The #inclinefire is now more accurately estimated to be approximately 1 acre in size, as compared to the previously thought to be 3-5 acres of affected area. This is due to more accurate mapping both on the ground and utilizing the Colorado Department of Fire Prevention and Control’s MMA (Multi-mission aircraft). 
More updates will be posted whenever they are available.

10/9 Approx. 1:00 PM:

THANK YOU to all of the firefighters working hard to extinguish the #InclineFire, which began Thursday in the late afternoon (Oct. 8). As of noon Friday (Oct. 9), the fire remains at 3-5 acres near Barr Trail with 0% containment. Damage to the Incline has not been reported. 

Overnight, crews established a fire line and mopped up hot spots. As a result, there is not a lot of smoke present yet today, and crews are cautiously optimistic. High temperatures and winds are expected this afternoon. 

The public is asked to stay away from the area, and all nearby hiking trails remain closed until further notice, including the Manitou Incline, Northern Incline Return Trail and Barr Trail. Ruxton Avenue is also closed with residential access only. Updates will be shared by City of Manitou Springs Government.

Responding agencies include the Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs fire departments as well as the USDA Forest Service and El Paso County Wildland Fire Management.

-Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Services

10/9 Approx. 6:39 AM:

Update: The affected area remains approximately 3-5 acres at 0% containment. 35 firefighters will be relieving the previous firefighters who attended the fire overnight at 7:00 AM this morning. Thank you to all of the brave men and women who protect this community, and are dedicated to our safety. 

When more updates are available, we will share them immediately.

10/8 Approx. 10:38 PM:

Update: The fire is effecting the same sized area as before. Firefighters will be attending the fire throughout the night. If there are any more updates available, we will inform you immediately.

10/8 Approx. 8:14 PM: 

Safety is our number one priority, and we want to ensure that everyone is kept up to date with the most current and truthful information. There is a fire about 0.5 miles up from the Barr Trailhead. There are currently 25 firefighters doing their job and working extremely hard to extinguish this fire. 

As of now, the fire is 0% contained, and an OPTIONAL evacuation has been issued for all of Fairview Avenue and the 500-600 block of Ruxton Avenue. All who wish to evacuate can stage at the Manitou Springs High School.

More information will be released whenever it is available.