Parks and Facilities Capital Improvement Plan

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The City of Manitou Springs has contracted Cushing Terrell to create a Capital Improvement Plan for the City’s parks and public facilities. It is vital to the health of our local economy and for the allure of our City as a top recreation and tourism destination that we examine our local infrastructure and plan for replacement and needed maintenance to ensure safety, vitality and sustainability within our community. The City is placing special emphasis on incorporating green initiatives into development of this plan to ensure we continuously improve environmental performance, be climate friendly and ready, be energy smart and water wise.

The Manitou Springs Parks and Facilities Capital Improvement Plan (MSPFCIP) will identify all City-owned parks and facilities and provide a roadmap for what improvements will be made, when, and include a maintenance plan. The City owns approximately 61 facilities and other public infrastructure, and 80 acres of park facilities that will be assessed in this plan.

Project Timeline:IMG_0113

Phase 1: Needs Assessment (September – October 2020)

Compile an inventory and assessment of existing parks, trails, facilities and programs considering amenity capacity, functionality, accessibility, condition, comfort and convenience.

Phase 2: Facilities Evaluation (October – November 2020)

Evaluate the condition of facilities for: ability to meet space and parking needs, building code and accessibility liabilities, historical significance, suitability of expansion/renovation,  and public and staff access and safety.

Phase 3: Capital Improvement Plan Recommendations (November 2020 – January 2021)

Develop preliminary cost estimates, implementation schedule, and financing options. Presentation of Capital Improvement Plan to City Staff and stakeholder groups. 

 Phase 4: Final Capital Improvement Plan Available (August 2021)

The finalized version of the Capital Improvement Plan should be ready for publishing around August of 2021. You can view the 95% completed plan here.