Our Vision

We are a welcoming, accessible, and vibrant small community at the foot of Pikes Peak. We preserve and protect our heritage and natural beauty and are a renowned destination for arts, culture, recreation, life-long learning, and wellness.

- Plan Manitou (2017)

Arts and Culture

Our community is a vibrant arts destination that uses its assets to enrich lives through unique artistic and cultural experiences.

Land Use & Built Environment

Our land use pattern and built environment reflect the core character and values of our community by applying sustainable technologies to strengthen and connect all areas of the City, improve public safety and community resiliency, and bolster a healthy sense of place.

Municipal Governance & Community Engagement5th - Alexis Foster

We are a diverse city that celebrates, supports, protects, and fosters a creative and interconnected community and provide multiple opportunities that allow residents of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to uniquely contribute to the well-being and enhancement of our community.

Economic Development & Tourism

Ours is a model collaborative community committed to economic vitality and sustainability.


Our community is innovative and we nurture and invest in life-long learning of the mind, body, and spirit for all.

Health & Well-Being

Our community is The Place for health, healing, and well-being.

Historic & Cultural ServicesIMG_0086

Collectively, we serve as stewards of our historic and cultural resources - celebrating their ability to guide, inspire, and share our future, while recognizing that some change is essential to a vibrant community.

Housing & Neighborhoods

Residents of all ages, abilities, and means have access to safe, affordable, and quality housing in a livable neighborhood.

Natural Environment

All citizens, staff, and visitors serve as active stewards of our natural environment in a sustainable manner for current and future generations, recognizing our natural environment has intrinsic worth and provides the foundation for all life.

Infrastructure & Public Services

We continually innovate and invest in our community's safety and services. We provide great, engaging public spaces, facilities, and amenities, which encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to participate, congregate, and play.

Transportation & Mobility

Our community has a safe, multi-modal transportation network that balances the needs of our residents, visitors, and businesses, complementing our natural environment and cultural history.