Beckers Lane Bridge

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Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 10/14):

Will there be sidewalks from Manitou Ave to El Paso Blvd on both sides of the street? It’s nearly impassable to pedestrians as it is, without incurring significant risk.

Yes, there will be sidewalks on both sides of Becker’s Lane from Manitou Ave to El Paso Blvd.

Will the visibility of the Creek Walk Trail crossing at Becker’s Lane be improved?

Yes, the trail crossing will be located further to the north to allow for drivers to have improved visibility of pedestrians at the turn in the road. The new design allows more space for both cyclists and pedestrians.

How many trees will be removed? Are the large cottonwood/willows on the west side of Becker’s Lane being removed?

The proposed design primarily impacts the trees on the east side of the road. The team engaged an arborist to evaluate if any of these trees could be preserved, and if they can, are they expected to remain healthy. On the east side of the street, the Arborist has recommended that 12 trees be removed because of impacts from future construction and lack of proper branch structure. No trees on the west side will be removed and all will be protected during construction.

What are the new proposed street tree species?

Norway Maple, Swamp Oak, Little Leaf Linden

Is the new landscaping pollinator-friendly?

Yes, there are 8 different species of pollinator-friendly shrubs and perennials planned throughout the 500 square feet of new landscaping.

At the Columbia Street improvement, there is no sidewalk on the west side. Why wouldn’t that option be considered rather than losing these trees?

Trees must be removed on the east side of the Becker’s Lane due to new underground utilities (not because of sidewalk) to meet capacity requirements. There has been concern about the capacity of the existing sewer pipe. Also, there are required distances between the various utilities that must be addressed in the utility design within City property.

What measures will be taken to not damage progress on creek restoration, as well as creative solutions to keep well-established growth preserved? 

A silt fence and erosion control logs will be added at the edge of our construction zone to protect existing vegetation. All disturbed green areas will be reseeded, steep slopes will use the erosion control blanket.

What type of street lighting is planned and where are they placed? Can lighting that will reduce light pollution be incorporated?

Lighting types to reduce light pollution are included in both the bridge and Becker’s Lane.

On the bridge: 4 Acorn lights utilizing the lower 35-Watt luminaire, with a pole height of 10’are proposed.

Along Becker’s Lane: Decorative, downlighting luminaire (will direct the light to the ground), 51-Watt fixtures are proposed with a pole height of 12’; 4 lights along the east side and 2 lights along the west side of the road.

What is the proposed start date for construction, and how long will it last?

Construction is expected to start around late November and to last about six months.

Final Design:
Beckers Ln Streetscape concept FINAL DESIGN - Oct 15

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July 18_ public meeting boards[22104]-2
July 18_ public meeting boards[22104]-3

Project Overview: 

The City of Manitou Springs has initiated the design of the replacement of the Beckers Lane Bridge over Fountain Creek. Beckers Lane provides the southern gateway to Garden of the Gods at its intersection with Manitou Avenue, The City intends on not only replacing the aging bridge but also developing an aesthetically pleasing solution that incorporated public art and mountain community design while supporting a busy and highly visible corridor.

Public outreach and involvement is also critical given the site’s proximity to adjoining property owners and the City’s emphasis on community input and inclusive dialogue. Considerations for multi-modal transportation are an essential part of the project, as the Creekwalk Trail is immediately north of the bridge, but visibility is poor for bicyclists and pedestrians trying to cross Beckers Lane at its juncture with the trail. Other project elements include utility relocation, environmental clearances, lighting, and sustainable design.

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