Hazard Preparedness, Mitigation, and Resiliency

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has issued their final approval letter for the City of Manitou Springs' 2023-2028 Hazard Mitigation Plan. This Plan will serve as a blueprint for coordinating and implementing hazard mitigation policies, programs, and projects in the City of Manitou Springs. It provides a list of mitigation goals and related actions to assist the City in reducing risk and preventing loss from future hazard events. The impacts of hazards can often be lessened, or even avoided, if appropriate actions are taken before events occur. By reducing exposure to known hazard risks, the City will save lives and property and minimize the social, economic, and environmental disruptions that commonly follow hazard events.

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The City of Manitou Springs has been impacted by natural hazards in the past. The City is committed to reducing the impacts a disaster would have on its residents, visitors, and businesses. Through a Hazard Mitigation Plan and other plans, the City is working to reduce impacts from three primary natural hazards: flooding/flash flooding, geologic hazards, and wildfire. This section is provided to assist Manitou Springs residents, business owners, and visitors to be prepared for and to mitigate, or reduce, natural hazard impacts. We consider our community members to be partners in this endeavor, and encourage them to take action to reduce risk to property and community.

The City of Manitou Springs is actively working to address three primary natural hazards.

  1. Flooding
  2. Geologic hazards
  3. Wildfire


Identify your evacuation zone and route, receive emergency notifications, and learn how to prepare to safely evacuate.


Identify your natural hazard risks, take actions to reduce natural hazard impacts, and access other mitigation resources.


Resources to access or address damages and promote recovery following a disaster.

In the event of a natural hazard event, the City’s Fire Department serves as incident command to coordinate the City’s emergency response.

The City has adopted the Hazard Mitigation Plan to implement our hazard mitigation strategy.

  1. Hazard Mitigation Plan

The City of Manitou Springs also participates in the Pikes Peak Region Hazard Mitigation Plan, and updates to the said plan are currently underway.