Parking Lot Permits

For those who park frequently near the downtown area, the City offers a yearly permit program for selected parking lots. All permits will be prorated after January 31st.

Parking Lot Permit Application

Residential Parking Permits (RPP)

To help ensure that the resident of Manitou Springs can park near their residence, the City offers Residential Parking Permits (RPP) at various different prices. To obtain a permit please fill out this form. Please note, a permit does not guarantee/designate a parking spot. Please pick up your permits at the Parking Department in City Hall.

Residential Parking Permit Application and/or Renewal

RPP Booklet

Construction Permits

The City offers construction permits for any residential construction projects. Discounts may be applied at the discretion of the City, if multiple permits are issued for the same construction project over extended periods of time. These permits are not transferable and must be clearly displayed. Additionally, if the construction permit is used for any purpose other than those intended by the construction permit, then the permit may be revoked by the parking manager or the city administrator.

Application for Construction Permit

Moving Permits

The City also offers permits for moving. These permits must be displayed clearly. Additionally, these permits are not transferable to any vehicle besides the one intended by the permit.

Application for Moving Permit

Application for Moving Permit in Downtown Paid Parking

Dumpster Permits

Do you plan on having a roll-off dumpster? Be sure to acquire a Dumpster Permit before having one placed on the street and/or paid parking areas.

Dumpster Permit


Parking Lot Permit Pricing
LotAnnual Pricing
Canon (sold out for 2022)$360
Prospect (sold out for 2022)$120
Wichita (sold out for 2022)$240

Residential Parking Permits
Type of PermitAnnual Pricing
Residential (max of 2)Free; includes two guest hang tags, 10 day passes
Residential Additional$25 for 1st & $30 for 2nd; $40 for the third
Non-resident Owner $5
Business/Employee in RPP Area$5
Lodging (hang tag per room)Free (Max of 1)
Workman$75/year; $5/day
Realtors (1 Hour Maximum/day)$75/year; $5/day
Temporary Construction$25
Replacement of Lost/Stolen Tags$10

Construction Permits
One space, one day (max 8 hrs)$10
Each additional day (up to 10 days)$5/day 

Moving Permits
One space, one day (max 8 hrs)$15
Two spaces, one day (8 hrs)$35
Three spaces, one day (8hrs)$60
Each additional day$5