Organize a cleanup program


Organizing a Clean-Up Project

Please contact TiAna Pauley, Pool & Fitness Director, at Adopt A Park, to determine what park or locations are available that are suitable for your group. After an area has been selected, you should:

  • Designate a Group Leader to be the primary contact; other members may assist with coordination.
  • Designate a place to meet before cleanup begins to give instructions and to distribute trash bags.
  • Review safety guidelines below with all participants. Group leader should bring a First Aid Kit!
  • Invite participants to bring their own gloves. Rakes and shovels are also useful for weeds/debris.
  • Make arrangements for the trash bags to be collected or disposed of properly; if recyclable materials are kept separate, take it home or to a recycling collection site as appropriate.
  • Return the completed Sign-in Sheet and Park Audit Form after each project to record hours and report maintenance needs.

Safety Guidelines

  • Determine who is responsible for supervising child participants, away from busy or unsafe areas.
  • Use the Group Leader’s first aid kit for minor scrapes or cuts; call 911 immediately to request assistance for any serious injury, or to report any suspicious or illegal activity present in the area.
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat for sun protection; wear gloves at all times during the cleanup project (leather gloves recommended; latex or plastic OK for light pickup).
  • Boots or sturdy closed-toe shoes are required (absolutely NO open-toed sandals).
  • Drink water/hydrating beverages often; avoid caffeinated drinks; alcohol and all other impairing substances are prohibited and volunteers may not be under the influence when volunteering.
  • Stay with your group in the designated cleanup boundaries. Stay out of storm drains and culverts, and other hazardous structures. Don’t trespass on private property or neighbors’ yards.
  • Be cautious when working around construction debris, cactus, insects, wildlife, steep slopes and sharp rocks. Immediately report potentially unsafe or dangerous situations to the Group Leader.
  • Ask participants to return to the designated meeting place at the end of the cleanup to report problems or area maintenance concerns to Group Leader; supervise children at all times.
  • Under no circumstances should you pick up any of the following items: hypodermic needles, medical waste, condoms, chemicals, dead animals & other extreme & immediate safety & health hazards. Report to Parks Department for removal. Please alert group leader and others in the area immediately for these items! Report on the Park Audit Form for additional follow-up.

Other sharp items such as broken glass may be collected with a broom/pan or shovel by an adult, or notify Parks Department of location.