Geologic Hazards Review

Geologic Hazards Review

The City requires geologic hazard evaluation for many development applications that involve impact to the land. The City has a tiered system for geologic hazard evaluation – consult Table one, below, to identify the appropriate tier for your application. The City’s geologic hazard review process and standards are defined in Zoning Code Section 18.10.060. Additional resources to assist applicants are provided below. Staff is also planning to develop educational material to assist residents to mitigate existing geologic hazards on their property.

Geologic Hazard Submittal Evaluation Manual for Development - Coming Soon!

Manitou Springs Geologic Hazard maps: The Colorado Geological Survey prepared maps for three of the City’s geologic hazards: rockfall susceptibility, debris flow susceptibility, and erosion. These maps identify susceptibility to these geologic hazards, but additional investigation is required to identify hazards and risk at the parcel level.

Additional geologic hazard resources

Colorado Geological Survey is the state agency that provides geologic advice to a variety of constituencies and helps to reduce the impact of geologic hazards on the citizens of Colorado. Visit the CGS site: