Natural Hazard Risk Reduction & Mitigation


The City of Manitou Springs conducted a Natural Hazard Risk Assessment and determined that flooding, geologic hazards, and wildfire are the natural hazards that pose the greatest risk to the City. These hazards can negatively affect people, property, infrastructure, and the City’s economy. The City developed a Hazard Mitigation Strategy to reduce and mitigate its risk.

The City employs a range of approaches to reduce and mitigate natural hazard risk, such as development regulations, educational resources and tools, and maintenance and infrastructure projects. The City recently adopted new ordinances to strengthen natural hazard-related requirements in Title 16, Subdivisions and Title 18, Zoning. Zoning Code Section 18.10, Natural Hazards Risk Reduction and Mitigation, defines standards to reduce risk from flooding, geologic hazards, and wildfire. This webpage includes resources to assist applicants with this process, as well as educational material for all residents to reduce their risk.

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