Manitou Springs Climate Action Initiatives

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City Council is considering a resolution to direct resources to the environmental sustainability of Manitou Springs. This resolution provides a timeline of measurable action that moves the City to achieving the community’s ambitious environmental vision. Stretch goals push everyone to move beyond what is currently being done.  They can only be achieved if substantially new ideas, approaches, and strategies are pursued.  Stretch goals inspire and require creativity and innovation.

As a community, we recognize that Climate Change is a threat to some of our greatest assets. We also understand that to create positive change, we must be leaders in the region in pushing ourselves to protect the environment and develop sustainable practices to fight Climate Change head on. 

This resolution is a commitment from the City to champion resiliency and to work with the community and stakeholders to find the best solution to difficult problems

Environmental Resolution Documents and Handouts


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Where did we get our information?

Find more information from the following resources:
  • Colorado Wildland Urban Interface -
    WUI is the transition from natural areas to human development. These areas require collaboration to ensure healthy forests and sustainable communities.
  • Fourth National Climate Assessment - 

    This report from the U.S. Global Change Research Program was part of federally mandated climate research required under the Global Change Research Act 1990.

  • IPCC - Warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius -
    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a United Nations effort to understand the science, potential impacts, and solutions of Climate Change.
  • Manitou Springs Tree Inventory -
    Have you ever wondered what kind of trees are in Manitou Springs? Check out this resource!

Manitou Springs City seal with the subheading environmental resolution.