Canon Avenue Art Project

Image of tree made of metal

A Tribute to the Tree Couple

In 2018, the City of Manitou Springs asked the Manitou Springs Arts Council (MSAC) to curate a project on Canon Avenue where beloved trees had been removed due to disease. After a long jury process, the jury MSAC convened chose a phased, two-part project proposed by the Smokebrush Foundation (see photo). The large tree sculptures include hundreds of small lights which can change color and pattern. The first tree would be paid for with funds allocated by the City for this project and installed in 2019. The second tree would be installed following a fundraising effort. MSAC recommends that the City choose the Smokebrush Foundation's proposal for the Canon Avenue sculpture project. MSAC believes that this dynamic project will be exciting and bring interest to Manitou Springs. MSAC recommends that the City work with Smokebrush to create a memorandum of understanding which addresses maintenance and longevity of the project. Click on the links below to view the Phase 1 model and to view the Overall project schematics as presented to the City Council in 2018.

Phase One Model

Overall Project Schematics