Transportation & Mobility


Transportation in Manitou Springs

There are many diverse transportation projects underway in Manitou Springs. Transportation projects typically occur in three phases: 1. study and planning; 2. design/construction plan development; and 3. land acquisition and construction. In 2019, the City is undertaking a Transportation and Mobility Master Plan that will provide recommendations for the City’s overall transportation and mobility needs. City staff from most departments are involved in some aspect of transportation. Planning staff often oversee plans and studies, and Public Services staff manage the design and construction phases.

The City is located within a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and participates in region-wide transportation planning through the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG). Manitou Springs elected officials, citizens, and staff participate in committees that are responsible for long-range transportation planning, as well as the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to allocate funding for projects under the federal Surface Transportation Program. The City also receives transportation funding through the Pikes Peak Regional Transportation Authority, and also applies local funds to address transportation needs.

The City’s Transportation and Parking Advisory Board makes recommendations to City Council on parking studies, plans, and policies, transit programs and expenditures, and other multimodal programs. The City owns a large surface parking lot and building at Ten Old Man’s Trail (also known as “Hiawatha Gardens”). The City recently commissioned a Hiawatha Gardens Parking Feasibility Study and a Hiawatha Gardens work group is overseeing investigations, research, and planning for the site.

Projects Completed in 2018

  • Drainage and Utility Work: Ute Trail, East Fountain Place, and South Path
  • El Monte/Santa Fe Sidewalk
  • Park Avenue Bridge
  • Paving: Elk Path, Ute Trail, Church Street, Brook Street Bridge

Upcoming Projects for 2019

  • Creekwalk Trail: Trail Alignment and Improvements

Transportation Plans, Studies, and Projects