Garbage & Refuse

In order to reduce the number of collection vehicles on our residential roadways, the City has implemented a Single Hauler Ordinance - meaning that Republic Services is our sole provider for residential trash and recycling services.Republic Services logo

This singe-hauler requirement applies for all properties unless there are 8+ more units on the property. This requirement does not apply to commercial locations.

This Ordinance reduces emissions, wear on our roadways, and therefore, increases quality of life for you!

GFL Environmental has sold their local recycling and solid waste collection services and operations in the Colorado Springs area to Republic Services. This has no service effects to the City Single-Hauler contract, but billing will be through a different company. Local management and customer service will be unaffected.

Please visit Republic Services website to learn more about the acquisition and what effects it will have.

Manitou Springs is serviced on Tuesdays, unless there is a delay or holiday. To view the holiday schedule for Republic Services, please visit their website.

Service Level Monthly Cost for
Trash Only
Monthly Cost For Recycle &
Recycle Processing Fee
(1) 96gal can $29.40 $7.51 + $2.08
(1) 64gal or 32gal can $29.40 $7.51 + $2.08
(2) Personal cans (32-45gals) $29.40 $7.51 + $2.08
(1) Personal can (32-45gals) $29.40 $7.51 + $2.08
Bear proof can $29.40 $7.51 + $2.08
Service Level Monthly Cost for
Trash & Recycle
(1) 96gal can $29.54
(1) 64gal or 32gal can $27.44
(2) Personal cans (32-45gals) $27.44
(1) Personal can (32-45gals) $27.44
Bear proof can $30.65
Carry Out $10.00/monthly
Bear Proof Rental Fee $13.50/monthly
Bear Proof Can for Sale $285.00
  1. You MUST have a wildlife resistant container if your trash container is outside before 6AM or after 8PM. (Municipal Code 7.10.030)
  2. Containers stored outside of a shed, garage, or some other enclosure must be in an inconspicuous location within your property. Containers may not be stored in the right-of-way or a public easement unless are placed curbside for pickup in the allotted 6AM-8PM window on pickup day (Municipal Code 6.24.020)  
  3. Containers CANNOT overflow with waste/trash. (Municipal Code 6.24.030)
  4. A container must be able to close fully, and if it’s overflowing a special pickup or another container is required. Large items such as couches and other furniture or appliances may not be placed curbside unless a special pickup has been scheduled. (Municipal Code 6.24.030) 
    1. There are multiple landfills in Colorado Springs that will take additional garbage - for a fee.
  5. All trash must be kept within a container, even during pickup. Bags of trash left next to a container are not permitted in Manitou Springs. (Municipal Code 6.24.030)  
  6. Dumping/accumulating trash on private or public property is strictly prohibited. (Municipal Code 6.24.030) 
  7. All residents - unless they live in a complex of 8+ units - MUST use Republic Services as their disposal provider. (Municipal Code 6.27.010)
Fines for Violation of the Litter and Weed Control Codes
Offense TypeFine
1st Offense$250
2nd Offense$400
3rd Offense$700
Subsequent OffensesCourt appearance

Wildlife Resistant Containers

In an effort to limit animal/human interactions and to protect the local wildlife, the City of Manitou Springs enacted the Wildlife Ordinance, more commonly referred to as the “Bear Smart” Ordinance. Trash containers MUST be secure from wildlife at all times (garbage must be stored in wildlife-resistant containers or kept in a secure location which is inaccessible to wildlife). No person shall intentionally or unintentionally feed or provide food in any manner for wildlife on either public or private property within the city limits. All collection bins shall be kept closed and secured when waste is not being deposited.

A wildlife-resistant container is considered a fully enclosed container of sturdy construction that meets the standards of testing by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) as bear resistant.

Wildlife-resistant container are the only containers that can be stored outside - not within an enclosure. When storing these containers outside, they must be more than 25ft from your property line, or if that is not possible, in a location inconspicuous to a passerby.

Republic Services does provide wildlife resistant containers. if you are in need of one, please contact Republic Services.

Please note: both standard trash cans and dumpsters are subject to the Wildlife Ordinance. 

Placing Containers for Pickup

All trash containing attractants - i.e. food products, liquids, grease, vegetables, etc.  - must be inside a container. 

Are you often experiencing that you have more trash than can fit in your container? It's time to get an additional container!

When placing your trash outside for pickup, on your scheduled pickup date, please keep in mind that wind conditions can change quickly and wildlife can access your can much easier. You must remove the container within 12-hours of your pickup - regardless of whether you are utilizing a wildlife-resistant container or not.

Overflowing Trash

We have a zero-tolerance policy for overflowing containers - not only is it unsafe for animals an humans alike, it is bad for the environment and the overall appeal of our community.

Did your company miss a pickup? Contact them ASAP!

  • Republic Services -  (719) 633-8709
  • Waste Connections - (719) 591-5000
  • Infinite Trash - (719) 999-0500

Dumping Trash

Don't do it! Be respectful of your community and our surrounds - put your trash in a container!

Loose trash runs into our creek, attracts bears, and can be a health hazard for you and your neighbors. There is NEVER a good reason to dump trash into anything but a trash receptacle.

Fines for Violation of the Litter and Weed Control Codes
Offense TypeFine
1st Offense$250
2nd Offense$400
3rd Offense$700
Subsequent OffensesCourt appearance


Containers used shall have a close-fitting cover and when used for storage of litter shall be watertight, maintained in as clean a condition as possible and contents must be emptied at least once a weekly or more frequently if health or sanitary conditions demand.

Litter means all waste material, including animal and vegetable wastes, garbage, rubbish, ashes, dead animals, offal, droppings, abandoned machinery, electronics or appliance including parts therefrom, paper wrappings, cigarettes, cardboard, tin cans, yard clippings, leaves, branches, wood, waste building materials, glass bedding, crockery, household furnishings and all other similar materials.

Municipal Code Section 6.24 - Litter and Weed Control

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PARAB), via a mini grant, funded $1,000 towards construction supplies for a community composting program for Manitou Springs residents to be available at Flying Pig Farm. For more information on this program, please visit Food to Power's webpage.