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Peak Alerts are notifications sent through software called Everbridge, by public safety agencies in El Paso and Teller Counties.  Peak Alerts notify you of emergency situations that are a threat to life or property and are deemed dangerous by public safety officials.  Examples of emergency situations may include but is not limited to, natural or man-made disasters, hazardous materials incidents, missing persons, law enforcement activity impacting the public, evacuation notices, and more.

To sign up for PeakAlerts, please visit their official website.


The City of Manitou Springs uses CivicReady to send alerts for planned water outages, emergency water main breaks, crucial water conservation, and other water utility related items.

If you are not receiving these alerts, please update your information with our Utility Clerk.

Email Utilities Clerk

Phone: 719-685-2579

Notify Me

Stay up-to-date with general news and information from the City of Manitou Springs by subscribing to Notify Me for email and text notifications. 

By signing up, you can receive automatic notifications for:

  • News Flash notifications
  • Bids
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