Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month

Historic Buildings in Manitou SpringsOverview

May is Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month in Colorado and the 2019 theme is “Ethnobotany: Understanding the Cultural Use of Plants in Colorado”. In Colorado, many cultures including the Ute and Apache tribes, and later the Hispano communities, were inextricably connected to the diverse plants and habitats found throughout the state. Combining traditional ecological knowledge with archaeological data, such as current research in the San Luis Valley, creates a more holistic understanding of past life experiences. 

2019 Preservation Poster

AHPM Poster 2019


By declaring National Preservation Month’s theme as “Ethnobotany”, the hope is that communities and organizations across the state will help spread the word that preserving the past is important.  Saving significant prehistoric and historic places ensures that future generations in Colorado will maintain a connection with our shared cultural legacy.

Get involved today!

By taking action, you acknowledge that saving our heritage isn’t someone else’s job. Ensure that our nation’s treasures will be protected for future generations and spread the word this May by celebrating your community’s ecologic and cultural history! Check back here for local activities.

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