Grant Guidelines


To be eligible for grant funding, applicants must:

  • Be living or operating in the community of Manitou Springs.
  • Provide all requested information regarding the project and an implementation plan.
  • Present a budget reflecting all expected revenues and related expenses. Please use this budget template (XLS).
  • Describe the specific items/purpose for which PARAB funds are being requested

To the eligible applicants, please note mini-grants will not cover third party compensation(s) or salaries.


  • Applications must be typed; handwritten applications cannot be accepted.
  • A committee of representatives from PARAB will review all applications and determine which applicants will receive funding. Selected applicants will be presented at a City Council meeting for final approval. Applicants will be notified of the decision and the availability of funding.
  • Activities or projects are intended to be completed and grant funds spent before the end of the year.
  • Activities should appeal to a large audience. While all activities need not specifically be geared toward youth, the content should be family-friendly.
  • Activities may be completely new events or part of an ongoing series. (For example, organizations that typically hold a free summer concert series would be eligible to apply to bring their concert to the park for one or more days within the grant period.)
  • Preference will go to individuals or groups showing a collaborative effort with others in the community.
  • Events should be free or at a very low cost.
  • A wide variety of activities is encouraged, and selection will be based, in part, on the Board’s desire to provide a diverse mix of events on as many days/evenings as possible. Further, the Board encourages recreational and sports activities, as well as more non-traditional events such as outdoor film screenings, interpretive hikes for children and adults, interactive hands-on art projects, health and wellness activities, workshops, etc.
  • Please note that funding of $1,000 is the maximum grant available and funding of that size would most likely be reserved for a large, hands-on project or festival-type event.
  • Additional documentation may be requested in order to complete the application process and/or receive final approval of grant funding.

Note: The community grants opportunity is meant to cover project costs and is not meant to be a money-making opportunity for the applicant(s).