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Water Utilities Office

If you have billing questions (including payments or refunds), have issues with your water account, want to set up a new water account, or need to turn on/off your water, please email the Utility Billing Clerk. You may also call 719-685-2579.  

If you have billing questions (including payments or refunds) 

Manitou Springs Water

The residents of Manitou Springs have one of the best sources of drinking water in the nation, the Rocky Mountains. The water comes from snowmelt and natural springs on Pikes Peak, making our residents the primarily first time users. Being first time users means that the water has not been previously treated, consumed, or recycled. To ensure the quality of our water, we are diligent in protecting our watershed area and our water treatment plant. 

We take great pride in providing our customers with drinking water that meets or exceeds state and federal water quality regulations and standards. In order to save on this precious commodity, the City strongly encouraged diligent water conservation.

Water Maintenance

Residents of Manitou Springs are connected to the City of Manitou Springs’ water system. Public Services’ Water Division maintains the City’s water mains. Residents and business owners are responsible for maintenance of their private water service line from the water main to the building structure.

Cross-Connection Control Program

All connections to the potable public water system must have a backflow device installed. Learn more about Cross-Connection Control Program.

Water & Sewer Upgrades

In mid-2009, Manitou Springs received federal funding through the ARRA and other sources to upgrade over 4.5 miles of waterline piping and 3 1/3 miles of wastewater piping. This is the largest utility upgrade in the history of Manitou. The project began in September of 2009 and is scheduled to be completed in 2012 by the installation of a Ballast tank at the treatment plant and a bypass on the east side of town.

WatershedManitou Springs Reservoir

Nestled high up on Pikes Peak sits the Manitou Springs reservoir and watershed area. This watershed takes in some 30 acres of national forest, and the reservoir holds 720 acre feet of water. Even though the reservoir is on national forest, the entire Manitou Reservoir Watershed Area is closed to recreational use. The city monitors the flows of incoming waters and what is being released from the reservoir, along with surrounding weather conditions that may affect the down stream areas.

Water Treatment Plant

At our water treatment plant the raw (untreated) water goes through a process that removes suspended matter and provides disinfection. The end product or finished water then enters the Mesa and Crystal Hill water storage tanks high above the city, then into the distribution system, where it eventually arrives at our residences and businesses. The City of Manitou Springs completes 5 water quality tests a month in the distribution system, as well as constant monitoring of the water quality at the Treatment Plant, to ensure that the drinking water is clean, and safe, for you, the consumer.

Utility Codes

View the Manitou Springs Utility Codes.