Stormwater Division


MS4 Permit Requirement Compliance

Per the State of Colorado’s MS4 permit the City of Manitou Springs operates under, the permittee must develop and maintain records in the form of a Program Description Document (PDD). The PDD is publicly available for review and comment through the Stormwater Office. 

Please contact Public Works for more information.


Where Pollution Comes From

Pollution comes from all of us. Many things contribute to stormwater pollution:

  • Lawn fertilizers and pesticides
  • Leftover paint
  • Motor oil
  • Oil leaks on streets and parking lots
  • Pet waste
  • Sediment from construction sites
  • Yard waste (grass clippings)

Rainwater and snowmelt pick up all these pollutants and carry them downstream to our creeks, lakes, rivers, and eventually to our oceans. Each year this runoff pollution adds up to more pollution than industry creates in a year. Manitou Springs residents enjoy pristine water from our own watershed on Pikes Peak. We are first time users of the water we drink and use every day, Think about all the people downstream from us; their water contains any pollutants we add before it reaches them.

Help Stop the Pollution of Our Streams

To report illegal dumping or contaminants in a storm drain system contact Manitou Stormwater Division at 719-685-2558 or after hours, call the police at 719-685-5407.

No Dumping Drains to CreekThere’s a Fish on Your Street

These storm drain markers are being affixed next to the storm drains to remind people that the drains flow to the creek and that dumping will affect aquatic life and degrade water quality.

Water runs downhill. Water picks up everything. Water flows to our rivers, streams, and creeks. Do your part to keep our water clean. Dumping liquid or solid waste into a storm drain or creek is a crime! If you see illegal dumping, report it.