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The Manitou Springs City Administration Department is the "home office" for all the operating departments of the City. It is through this department that the activities of all of the departments are coordinated. Its 3-member staff consists of the City Administrator, the City Attorney, and the City Clerk.

City Administrator

The City Administrator, as chief executive officer, supervises all department heads and personnel, helps the City Council prepare the annual budget (PDF), advising it on the City’s current and future needs, and makes recommendations for carrying out the policies, projects, and administrative duties established by the Council.

City Attorney

The City Attorney is the primary adviser to City Council on legal matters of proposed legislation and matters of litigation, serves as a consultant to the City Administrator and department heads in interpreting laws and regulations, and serves as the Municipal Court prosecutor of violators of the Manitou Springs Municipal Code.

City Clerk

The City Clerk:

  • Keeps a journal of Council proceedings
  • Records all ordinances, motions, and resolutions
  • Maintains the files of official City documents
  • Conducts all City elections
  • Acts as custodian of the official City Seal

Our current City Clerk also serves as the City’s Human Resource Manager for all departments and as the Liquor Licensing Administrator.