Planning Department

Planning Department is still in operation during the closure of City Hall!

The Planning Department is still open for business, but we are not meeting with the public face-to-face until further notice for health and safety reasons. If you need to submit plans, an application, or pull a Property Improvement Permit, you will need to submit them through the website or via email. We are still reviewing plans that are submitted electronically, but no way to review paper plans. Permits can be issued over the website, or over the phone. It is hour by hour, and a full shut down may come. Staff may be instructed to work remotely and we continue to monitor the situation but have to keep our workforce safe and healthy in order to serve the public.Our contact information is located on the right side of this page. Don’t hesitate to call if you have questions either! 

We will continue to do our best to serve the community and their needs! Stay safe and keep practicing your social distancing!



The Manitou Springs Planning Department responsibilities include:

Our Mission

To provide outstanding customer service, share timely and accurate information, support the City's various boards and commissions, and to engage the community in the City's planning process.


The Planning Department for the City of Manitou Springs has a wide range of functions for the benefit of residents, contractors/developers, and the local government. Some of those functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Building Plan Review: Building plans are reviewed by the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department. 
  • Code Enforcement: The role of code enforcement is to promote the health, safety and welfare of the community through education, community involvement, and enforcement of ordinances. Our goal is to enure safe, attractive neighborhoods, a vibrant downtown and business district, and a peaceful, enjoyable community for everyone.
  • Development Application Review: Staff works with applicants to process development applications and to assist them through public processes. 
  • Master Plans, Studies, Maps, and Guidelines: The community master plan, Hazard Mitigation Plan, and other plans that guide our community's growth, preservation, and development.
  • Plan Manitou: Access the community master plan containing the Hazard Mitigation Plan, maps, community profiles, educational material and more.
  • Short-Term Rental Monitoring: The Planning Department monitors and tracks legal short-term rentals in the City of Manitou Springs for compliance with the operation's Minor Conditional Use Permit.
  • Special Projects: The community undertakes these projects to implement actions from Plan Manitou and other community plans.

City of Manitou Springs Fees and Fines